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Felix the Comet eBook is available!

Felix the Comet is now available via Lulu.com in eBook format for only $8.99!

Is your 9-12 year old due for a new book to fill summer hours? Get it now!!

Soon the eBook of Felix will also be available via Amazon Kindle, iBook, Nook, Kobo and other distributors. But for now, it is exclusively available in Print and eBook from Lulu.com.

I would really love it if you rated the book on Lulu, Goodreads, or a blog. If interested in blogging a review, please comment below. thank you!

Enjoy, and happy reading!



Announcing The Release of “Felix the Comet”



It’s Official! Felix the Comet is available for order through Lulu.com!

Melissa Gay‘s art translated into a beautiful cover!


A couple of authors I admire very much gave me blurbs for the back cover. Thank you to Veronica Chambers and Laurie Krebs!



Lulu.com’s design team came up with a great page break paw print to represent Cosmo!




The ebook is coming very soon, and the paperback is currently only available on Lulu.com, but the ebook will be available through many sites. I will let you all know where when I know, and provide links. Of course, I make a little more from sales through Lulu. 🙂


I am so very excited to share my book with everyone. Thank you to my donors through Pubslush.com, and to Pubslush.com, and Lulu.com.

Donor ebooks PDFs will be sent as soon as I receive, as well as the signed paperbacks and other incentives. I will sign and ship out as fast as I can!


Projected Ebook Announcement!

I am very excited about announcing the availability of Felix the Comet after our long journey through writing, editing, and publishing. So much, that I am still a wee bit …anticipatory.

As it currently stands, Felix the Comet should be available in ebook format through Lulu.com sometime on Monday July 14, 2014! I will let you know better when I know better myself, as I am curbing my enthusiasm while remaining cautious about the prospect. Expect a definitive announcement on Monday.

For those who donated to my Pubslush fundraiser, I will be sending you a PDF version via email. My hope is that you will read and add a review on Lulu’s site for Felix the Comet.

I am hoping to offer a deep reviewer discount for bloggers who review children’s, middle reader, or YA novels. I will work that out as I can. Inquiries or contact info appreciated via comments below.

A few more weeks are needed for the printing process, and to offer Felix in other ebook venues. Then it will be available by print only through Lulu.com, because of the smaller format I chose. Ebook versions will be available through virtually every major ebook source: Lulu, Kindle, Nook, iBook, and Kobo.

Thank you for your patience, your time, your support, and your donations. I am truly happy about this entire experience.

I may be going dark on the internet before Monday, July 14th, but watch for more on my Facebook page and Twitter via links in the right column here.

Yay, Felix!!




Thank you to all of my supporters who helped make my Pubslush campaign for Felix the Comet a success! 

I have raised a bit over my campaign goal in just 30 days! I will be giving readings at two elementary schools, one in San Antonio,Texas and another in a small town in New Jersey. I am very excited about these two trips! After all, I love a good adventure, and can’t wait to meet students and teachers in different parts of the United States. It has been about 25 years since I stepped foot in Texas, and I have never been to San Antonio! I do pass through New Jersey frequently in my East Coaster travels to visit family and friends. It will be nice to get off the highway and meet some new friends.

I will also be baking a lot of snickerdoodles, and sending out ebooks, paperbacks, bookmarks and quality art prints.

Speaking of quality art, thank you, also, to Melissa Gay, a brilliantly magical artist for my cover art. She painted Felix and his dog Cosmo, as I first imagined them, looking up at The Big Dipper.

I can’t wait to get this book into production!!