Month: May 2014

Maya Angelou remembered

Maya Angelou

I am in a space of Silence.
Rare for me, and I am mourning
The life of a poet, a warrior for peace
And justice, a rare bird with a voice so quiet, her whisper sends shivers
Of Truth and Beauty down my spine.
Her voice stands on the shoulders of her long life in which she became
The Giant.


“Have enough courage to love.”


June Release

I am excited to announce that Felix the Comet will be released in June. More specific date to follow!


Here’s a quick synopsis: 

Felix is an enthusiastic kid who loves his dog Cosmo, school, and two best friends, until the November day Dave Spangler moves to town. Spangler gives him a horrible nickname, and Felix begins to doubt everything. On Thanksgiving night, he walks his dog, looks up in the sky and notices something that takes the roller coaster ride of the week back up again. But Spangler isn’t through with him yet. Tai and Kelsey have his back, and so do a lot of others, even if he doesn’t know it. He tries to handle everything by himself, especially being picked on, because being called a name really can’t be that bad, can it? The last thing he wants to do is tattle.